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Robotiq_CustomerRobotiq_Customer Posts: 123 Apprentice
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I want to make a risk assessment  for my application and I remember seeing charts and graph to help. Do you have them?


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  • dhendersondhenderson Founding Pro, Partner Posts: 6 Handy

    For risk assessments I like the document "Six steps to a safe machine" by SICK.  This is a very comprehensive guide (and published in multiple languages, by the way) to machine safety.

    Six steps to a safe machine

  • mathbelangermathbelanger Posts: 21 Crew

    We just released three shorts videos about risk assessment. They cover basic concepts, so clients or coworkers can familiarise themselves with the important changes brought by the new ISO/TS 15066. Don't be shy to share them!


    So far we have 3 videos:

    - How to evaluate a risk for a collaborative robot

    - How to calculate a pressure applied by a robot

    - The different types of contact in ISO/TS 15066





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  • Alexandre_PareAlexandre_Pare Posts: 56 Crew
    @Andrew_Mason , @PaulKeeling , @peterwilliamson81
    I know that you guys have a lot of request concerning risk assessment. Have you seen the videos here?
    Alexandre Pare, Eng.
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