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GradekaGradeka Posts: 1 Recruit
Hi all,
my question is very simple: when the signals of Reduced Mode of my UR go down, I'd like to stop suddenly the movement of my gripper without losing the zero (like a PAUSE of movement). So the gripper holds and then restarts the movement when the signals of reduced mode go up. I found this article https://blog.robotiq.com/how-to-handle-protective-stops-and-emergency-stops
but it seems to be old and not working anymore.
Any help?


  • Nicholas_FrancoeurNicholas_Francoeur Posts: 35Wrist Camera URCap 1.3.0 Handy
    Hi @Gradeka,
    Here is how you could do it in a thread:

    The "S-Guard" would be your reduced mode inputs. Remember that it's not ideal to have your gripper stop its motion when in reduced mode though. For example, it could be required to drop a part before picking another one and avoid a protective stop at the same time.
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