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tjcoopertjcooper Partner Posts: 6 Apprentice
 I have a new application that involves palletizing 5x5 plastic forms. The stack will be 9x9. We will be utilizing 2 UR 10's, 2 FT 300's and 2 140 grippers. The parts weight in a 12.2 KG's. This a two part question. We had a internal meeting on this project the other day and ruled out mirroring the robots due to the Joint positions not all being the same direction. Our Robot specialists feels we should use a PLC and HDMI to coordinate the movements between the robots. I don't like adding more components and difficulty for the customer. There are only 2 sensors involved with this app. Part present and Pallet present. Does anyone feel it is necessary for a PLC or can the robot handle this? What would be the best way to program this?

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  • matthewd92matthewd92 Founding Pro, Tactile Sensor Beta Testers Posts: 1,267 Handy
    What coordination is required?  Are they lifting the same part at the same time or are they both packing the same pallet from two different lines?

    we have 3 robots running presses with linear slides moving parts between the robots and in from the humans and out to the humans and no PLC. The robots use built in modbus registers to be able to share information with the other robots such as I’m in the way, don’t move the linear slide yet. We also use modbus to watch inputs and outputs that are attached to the other robots so that each of the robots can see the environment around itself regardless of where the inputs are attached. 
  • tjcoopertjcooper Partner Posts: 6 Apprentice
       Both robots are working together to lift the same part. One on each end. These parts are 144 inches long.
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