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@tjcooper you could still use the robots to coordinate the motion, you would make one robot the master and one the slave, the master would tell the slave to begin motion and would start motion at the same time, the slave would then report when motion was complete and the master would wait to receive that command to move to the next step.  Ideally they are arriving at each point at the exact same time but if they aren't the master can't get ahead of the slave and the slave is always waiting for the master to move to the next position.  You can do this by simply writing to modus registers which the robots can read.

You would have the master write to a register with the slave monitoring the register to start a move, could have the master basically indexing through a sequence of steps with a wait command on the slave for the register to equal a certain value.  Then on the slave you would use a register to indicate start and stop of motion,  basically taking a register and changing the value as soon as the wait command is executed and then setting it back right before the wait command. 

This approach would allow you to coordinate motion with the two robots without the need for a separate PLC.  You can even have the master robot start the program for the other robot by using the dashboard server, then have the slave and master coordinate when the programs have started and reached a certain point in execution allowing each of them to have separate homing routines if needed.