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ledojfledojf Posts: 2 Recruit
Good morning, I'm trying to make a trajectory that is the outline of a template.
I need to maintain a constant speed
but the problem is that every time a movement ends the robot stops and starts with the next one.
Try doing this with MOVEL by adding transition radius and with MOVEP but I do not get good trajectories.
Any suggestions to have a uniform movement without stops between the transitions of each movement?



  • louis_bergeronlouis_bergeron Posts: 94 Handy

    The robot will have difficulties to keep a constant speed at the edge of your part for 2 reasons.

    First, I think you want to have the edge of your part going at a constant speed relative to a fixed position on your table.  The robot in the MoveL and MoveP is looking at the tool center point speed.  This way to do the task in a robotic application is sometimes called External TCP or Remote TCP meaning the robot is handling the part like you do and the motion and speed will be calculated relative to a fixed position in the robot environment.  On Universal robot, I didn't find this feature.  Maybe a Dof pro knows how to do it on UR and I'll be interested to know it too.  To better understand it, if you hold the part with the vacuum cup at the center of an arc on the edge of your part, you will notice that the robot will stay at the same position and only the orientation is changing.  By staying at the same place, it means the robot is moving at 0 mm/s but the edge of the part will have a tangential speed.

    Second,  if you look at the tool center point of the robot which is probably in the center of the vacuum cup, you will notice that that the real path executed by the TCP have a fast direction change when it starts to do the arc on the part edge.  The robot needs to decelerate and accelerate to change direction like this.  You will have a reduced speed at this point.

    Louis Bergeron
    Integration Coach
    [email protected]
  • TheoRobotTheoRobot Posts: 1 Recruit
    Good afternoon,

    I had a look at the video and it seems you don't use blend radius in your waypoint. 
    The blend parameters is used on waypoints in a trajectory (fixed or variables). It defines how far from the waypoints the robot is allowed to deeviate the trajectory to reach the next location. This way the robot doesn't stop at the waypoint and goes to next position smoothly. 

    If you select your location and under the tab "command" you can adjust it. 

    I hope this can help. 
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