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Hey Robotiq_Customer,

Yes you can use a Robotiq FT300 with the RC8 controller of Denso.
Here an example:

Here is how to use the RC8 PACscript program to interface with the force torque sensor:

Hardware Setup

The ROBOTIQ FT sensor connects to the DENSO RC8 controller via the RS-232 port. You will need to use a RS-485 to RS-232 converter between the ROBOTIQ FT sensor and the RC8. 


COM Port Configuration on the RC8

  • Operational path: [F6 Settings] – [F5 Communication and Token] – [F3 Data Communication] 
  • Set communication of device. 
  • Press [F3 Data Communication] to display the following [Data Communication Settings] window. 
  • Select “Serial #1” device option. After selecting the device, press [F5 Edit] key to change its settings.


Edit the serial settings to match the image below.


Including PACscript program to Wincaps III project

Include the Robotiq_FS.pcs program (attached) on your project by clicking Add Existing File… under the Project menu. Download the Robotiq_FS.pcs program onto your RC8 controller. 


Robotiq Program Structure

Any program that CALLs the Robotiq_FS.pcs subroutine needs have the #include command. 


The structure of the Robotic subroutine requires two arguments, a string variable (Command) and a variant variable (Option). 


Command List


For more details on how to implement the different commands available on the Robotiq program, Click Here.
You'll also find examples of programs.

Hope this helps!

Robotiq FT300/FT150 Driver - User's Guide

Robotiq FT300/FT150 Driver


Wow Thanks a lot!