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jianlan_jianlan_ Posts: 10 Apprentice
Hi DoF pros,

I was wondering if I could achieve a tool space force/torque controller using FT300 as feedback.

Basically, I intend to implement this using tool-space velocity 'speedl()' as controls. In a simple PID loop, I set desired force/torque vector on tool space, FT300 measures the actual value; then calculate the difference, then use PID with this difference, sent to 'speedl()' to close the loop. 

I wonder if this is feasible, any suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated!


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  • louis_bergeronlouis_bergeron Posts: 94 Handy

    I think you can do it this way.  I did a PID control using the FT300 as a feedback to adjust our Path recording tool and it works.  I never had the opportunity to work with speedl() but with what I know, I think it's gonna work.

    Louis Bergeron
    Integration Coach
    [email protected]
  • jianlan_jianlan_ Posts: 10 Apprentice

    Thanks for the answer!  I still have some follow-up questions. Thank you in advance for helping me out.

    I forgot to mention that I am using ROS (ur_modern_driver) or any client program on a computer to do this. Would it be possible to call the Path recording API from there?  

    Also 'using the FT300 as a feedback to adjust our Path recording tool' , what exactly would you mean by this?  I know the hand-guide part of ActiveDrive is something similar, but how would you 'adjust' path recording by feeding FT300? 

    Thank you !

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