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T800_412T800_412 Posts: 51 Apprentice
I am having some difficulty with a snapshot position variable having the wrong value, and I do not know how it changed or how to correct it.
1. created a feature point for the cam locate function. Made that feature variable. It is called template_wheel
2. calibrated the wrist camera to locate a grinding wheel at this position.
3. Using the move tab, the TCP will move to the correct point every time using Automatic. (for discussion, it is at p[0.050,0.050,0.200,0,0,0])
4. When the program is running, the variables window shows the Y value for this pose way off ( p[0.040,-0.730,0.100,0,0,0]

The pose_add command is search_pos:= pose_add(template_wheel,snap_off_pos) and the TCP is sent out of the intended position.

What is wrong and how do I fix it?

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  • T800_412T800_412 Posts: 51 Apprentice
    Thank you. I created a second pose set as the same spot as the snapshot position. Now the program can use the pose of the snapshot to calculate the offset for the pallet operation.
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