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I ve just started to work with UR Robots and robotiq grippers, and i wanted to activate the 3 finger gripper but it didnt work how could i do it right and avoid this error?

thanks for the help in advance!


  • matthewd92matthewd92 Founding Pro, Tactile Sensor Beta Testers Posts: 1,162 Handy
    @benczecristof it appears that you have already brought in the scripts as a file in the before start section of the program, that would be the line that starts Script: rq_3FG_......  That is basically like an import statement in other programing languages and preloads all of the scripts that the gripper uses and that you can call using the script command from the structure tab.  You also then have a subprogram that is defining the same script by the same name and so you are double defining the function.  You should be able to remove the subprogram and the error go away.  I would also try removing the other 3 subprograms and see if it functions correctly.  I have not used the 3 finger gripper but we use the 2 finger and do not use any subprograms to define any of the script functions
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