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Setting up an automation cell is not a trivial task but it can get a whole lot simpler when you follow these tips :

  1. Risk assessment and utilizing safety features : be aware of the international standards for safety with robots like ISO 10218-1, 10218-2, ISO 12100 and the new ISO/TS 15066 on top of any local guidelines and regulations.
  2. Using potential free interface : so the power systems between your robots and other mechanical devices are not mixed together, but signal exchange is still possible
  3. Use of compact equipment with many options for mounting to accommodate different environment and space limited work space.
  4. Use of versatile grippers (end effectors): because sometimes there are different objects for a task, which means the gripper must be able to adapt itself to the objects’ shape.
  5. Simple is good : a motto that applies to the entire robot cell application process, Simplicity will be a key factor in the implementation, evolution and maintenance of any cell.
For more information about these best practices, have a look at our March 2016 blog post.