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When setting up a feature you want to make sure you follow the right hand rule to understand the orientation of the axes, if you’re not familiar with it you can find info here which is what @Loïc is referring to.

whats happening when you use the feature in the movel as the reference plane is the system is doing a pose_trans() behind the scenes which is converting your tcp frame into your new feature relative to the base, since the z axis points 180 degrees to the base frame it’s inverting your tool orientation. 


T800_412 said:
Another local distributor helped me to get this working correctly. The solution is to create the feature with the TCP Y axis inverted by entering 3.1416 in the TCP configuration. In this case, the pallet feature is a flat plane parallel to the ground The TCP was set with a tool pointing straight down and the X/Y arrows on the FT300 oriented as desired.

After teaching the feature, remove the 3.1416 from the TCP configuration and then program the robot with moveL commands with the feature selected as the reference. The pose_add command can now be used to move the TCP from the starting point (point one of the feature) with X,Y,orZ offsets.

This solution works well because you're not offsetting on Z, rx or rz.

In fact, you've created a feature with the Z going down and not up as you want (the right hand rule as @matthew92 said), but pose_add use a position corresponding to the base frame but an orientation referred to the tool frame as mentioned here.

The most important is that you've find a way to solve your problem.