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Dear All, 

I hope all is well. I am working as Chief Technology officer at Services Syndicate (Pvt) Limited (SSPL). SSPL is the first Certified system integrator of Universal Robots in Pakistan. We have multiple applications at our hands for which we are trying to propose solutions.

the first one is shown in below video.

I am sharing with you some application videos for which we need EOL solutions for integration with Robotics and or (Electro-pneumatic Automations)

I have more than 10 applications to discuss. To start off I am sharing the video of Instant noodles (Pick and Place) packing

·         I would like to ask a for a solution from your side. If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to ask.

·         There are 3 conveyor lines.

·         Speed of the conveyor line is 120 noodle packets per minute

·         Weight of noodle packet 65grams Plus minus 5 grams

·         Space is limited

·         We need solution to organize the Noodle packets in such a way that the robot and gripper can pick up a set of 9 or 18 packets and place into the Carton/ case and repeat 4 times to fill the case.

·         Further to tape the case

we are looking for Custom Gripper/ Custom conveyor system that arrange noodle packets in groups (of 9) so that it is easy for robot or other automation to pick them and place them in a box.

here is the link to the actual application we are trying to automate

Here is a video Example of the conveyor we are looking for which changes the orientation of noodle packet from horizontal to vertical and stack them in groups (of 9).

YOUNGSUN Case Packing Line for instant noodles

 Looking forward to creative ideas on how to achieve this through cobots, 

-any one done similar application in Food industry in the past?

-in this even a feasible application for cobot integration?