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jhumejhume Posts: 4 Apprentice
I am relatively new to automation and am in the process of trying to automate loading a textiles manufacturing machine. I am using a UR5 with the FT300 force-torque sensor and 2-finger adaptive gripper.

I am trying to accurately place a bobbin onto a spindle using the spiral search skill from the Robotiq website, but no matter how I alter my program, it outputs: "Compile error: Name 'Fz' is not defined" and the program will not run. 

I am trying to run the program using default settings in the script since I think the default is best suited to my application, so I have not changed any of the parameters.

Do I have to define a force in the Z-direction somewhere in this program, and if so, is there some way to do this within the Polyscope GUI? I feel like I'm missing some small detail for setting up these scripts.

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