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rafaelrojasrafaelrojas Posts: 7 Apprentice
Hello all,
I'm currently learning to use the Real Time Data Exchange port of URControl. But in the documentation in https://www.universal-robots.com/how-tos-and-faqs/how-to/ur-how-tos/real-time-data-exchange-rtde-guide-22229/ it is not clear how to command desired joint positions and velocities. In fact the registers for those variables are only mentioned as outputs. On the other hand, in the example_control_loop.py example, it seems that it is trying to move the robot in a not understandable way. Also in the youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVxYZbDpu_8  it is claimed that it is possible to control the robots joints using the RTDE in port 30004. Anyone knows how to do it?
Rafael Rojas


  • rafaelrojasrafaelrojas Posts: 7 Apprentice
    The Real Time Data Exchange (RTDE) feature of URControl is not intended to override the standard way of controlling the robot using the Polyscope system. The example provided provided by Universal Robots have a Polyscope program where the commands which actually move the robots are.
  • KingJohn1095KingJohn1095 Posts: 1 Recruit
    Hi  rafaelrojas. Can you elaborate on your second comment? The example I have looks to be writing values to certain registers. Are you saying these values are read by a Polyscope program? If so, how did you find that out?

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