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JoseJose Posts: 11 Apprentice
I have question about safety on UR. I have a robot in cell and the robot is using safeguard stop signal which flows from controller through the lock on the door back to the controller (when the door is opened robot is stopped and its not possible to move with robot). How are the possibilities to bypass this signals on UR ? When I'm in cell where I want to move with robot and set the waypoint (set the new coordinates of the point in the program) but with opened safeguard circuit it is not possible. There is no operating mode which bypass this signal (it is manual mode on industrial robots which allow to move with the robot when the operator safety circuit is opened in reduced speed max 250 mm/s).


  • tbialektbialek Posts: 4 Apprentice
    I`m trying to find a solution for this also and probably there is no way to do it, without bypass (for example)  safety relay where UR is connected to.
    My setup is a UR5 with a OS32C safety scanner around connected to the Safeguard Stop via dual channel safety relay.
    Safeguard Stop needs to be reset manually, I`d like to use Freedrive to move robot manually in case of jam, etc... but in Safeguard Stop Freedrive is disabled.

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