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Is there a piece of script that we can utilize to lock the UR into a specific plane during a program?

I understand that you can use the manual ActiiveDrive toolbar for teaching, but I would like to utilize that functionality during the program's actual run. For example, I can use the line of script "freedrive_mode()" to turn on freedrive mode during a program; however, that does not allow me to lock the UR into a specific plane. I want to be able to use the Planar setting of ActiveDrive instead (allowing for X and Y motion, but no Z, RX, RY, or RZ).

So my application code would look something like this
allow_activedrive_mode := True
Loop while allow_activedrive_mode = True
         ***I would move the robot with my hands to the position I want, and I have 10 seconds to do this as you can see in the event below***
          pose := get_actual_tcp_pose()
          ***This would write my position after the 10 seconds to the pose***

Event allow_activedrive_mode = True
          Wait 10 sec
          allow_activedrive_mode := False
I can currently do this right now by replacing the above "activedrive_mode()" with "freedrive_mode()", but as I said, this does not prohibit motion in the proper planes. 

Please send me your ideas, and I will certainly share whatever we find as well.