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SebastienSebastien Posts: 219 Handy
Hi pros,
we are using the pallet tool in the UR robot and in the before start sequence the operator has to enter the first pocket where he wants the next part to be dropped in the pallet sequence. Basically setting the correct cnt_x variable value corresponding to the pallet. We would like to flag an error if that number is too big for example. We can do it by manually calculating row*columns and comparing with that value but if we change the rows and columns in the pallet wizard we must not forget to change the limit. Is there any ways we can access the number of rows and columns we have in our pallet tool via a variable?


  • SebastienSebastien Posts: 219 Handy
    Do you have some tips about this issue?
  • matthewd92matthewd92 Founding Pro, Tactile Sensor Beta Testers Posts: 1,267 Handy
    I looked at the script that is generated by the wizard and did not see any variables that you could use.  It actually appears that the scriptwriter when you complete the wizard just plugs in the rows directly into the script and already did the math to determine just how many positions I had based on the row x col total.

    I set up the wizard with basically 4 columns and 5 rows, here is the code that was generated by the scriptwriter

    You can see that the number of columns (4) is being used to determine when to move over a column as well as when to change rows and then the total number of index positions is already set for the if statement (19) so does not appear that they are setting any variables anywhere that you could access.

    @Stefan_Stubgaard if you have any other insights that would be helpful

    @Sebastien this is one of the reasons that we often times write our own palletizing, stacking and destacking routines, so that we have control over every aspect of the algorithm and can get the data that we need to make it easier for the operator to run it correctly.

    Hope this helps some
  • SebastienSebastien Posts: 219 Handy
    thanks for the tip. I did not think of looking at the script generated. Good idea.
    We also usually use our own palettising but a recent project was simple so we gave it a shot and it works well for what we need!

  • @matthewd92 you are correct, the math is internally in the software meaning numbers and rows are not accessible for the user.
    An "enhanced packaging wizard" with such functionality could be a good opportunity for any aspiring UR+ developers out there to consider developing.
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