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shehzikhanshehzikhan Posts: 2 Recruit
I'm trying to build a robotic system that observes a moving object. In first phase of my project I have placed a simple black & white marker consisting of geometrical shapes on that target object. I'm able to estimate the pose of the object by locating and analyzing the geometry of the marker. However a problem arises when object moves a bit faster. This causes motion blur in the camera input. So far I have read Weiner, Lucy-Richardson and Blind Deconvolution techniques to remove motion blur. But they are very slow for a real-time application.

  • Is there a faster solution to eliminate motion blur? I would prefer a library with python 2.7 interface.
  • If not then how many fps are required to observe a human, who can run,walk, fall, jump without facing blurred images. What will be the cheapest option in such high fps cameras?

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  • doskey56doskey56 Posts: 2 Recruit
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    I've had the same problem. If possible increase your lighting so you can reduce the cameras exposure. If you cannot increase the amount of light can you open you F-Stop? You may also considerer a strobe light that fires when the camera is acquiring the image. Dave
  • MackHaberMackHaber Posts: 1 Recruit
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    I am not sure if you have options for camera hardware or not, but from the sounds of it you are using a rolling shutter camera, which would have the effect of introducing motion blur. Certainly increasing frame rate, and decreasing exposure time would have a positive effect on the image. However I would recommend that if at all possible switching to a global shutter camera which would do a lot more in reducing motion blur even at lower frame rates, and it would require no more computation on the computer.


  • shehzikhanshehzikhan Posts: 2 Recruit
    Thanks @MackHaber and @doskey56
    Reducing exposure worked perfectly for me. However OpenCV's native method to set the properties of VideoCapture object did not work for my webcam. So I had to use v4l2_ctl utility in linux to set exposure.
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