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Samuel_BouchardSamuel_Bouchard Posts: 150 Handy
Hi Pros, I got asked the following and would like your input.
  • What file naming convention do you use? Why did you chose that one?
  • Do you use a versioning tool to manage your programs versions?


  • matthewd92matthewd92 Founding Pro, Tactile Sensor Beta Testers Posts: 1,023 Handy
    We use a standard naming convention of CustomerName_ProjectName_Default for the default program that loads automatically. We then store our versioned programs in an archive folder. In that folder we use semantic versioning with major.minor.bugFix. We use the naming convention of CustomerName_ProjectName-vx.y.z

    The CustomerName and ProjectName we abbreviate so that it's not too long, generally 3-5 letters for the customer and project names. 

    In the before start section of the program we use a variable named VERSION to store the current version number in so that appears near the top of the variables list. Helps us to identify quickly with customers if they are running the correct version of the program. 

    We do USB magic file backups at the end of each day or programming and sometimes more frequently depending on what's going on. We also have the ability to backup programs to AWS remotely so we can grab files at anytime to look at. 
  • Samuel_BouchardSamuel_Bouchard Posts: 150 Handy
    Hi Matt, thanks for sharing the tips! I am sure that these aspects are even more important for a business like yours.
  • LuisLuis Posts: 1 Recruit
    Hello all.

    In the same way, I use a shorg name with the first characters for cell name and
    then the number of the robot inside the cell -this must agree with the CAD drawings-.
    After that, I store the file(s) in a separate folder for each date and time.
    The last one is always the best.
    Otherwise, if needed I use additional notes for alternative versions which have been not tested yet.
    We usually store backups remotely
    via ftp to a server, or automatocally to an external disk drive.
  • ColinColin Partner Posts: 17 Apprentice
    For lab versioning (non-install), we use YYYY_MM_DD - ProjectDescription - Hardware

    The ProjectDescription is identical to our Microsoft Project Opportunity title that our sales team enters. The Hardware is a quick note of the tooling used if it is an off-the-shelf part(s). 

    We have not yet standardized on installation versioning yet. 
  • Samuel_BouchardSamuel_Bouchard Posts: 150 Handy
    Thanks for your input @Colin and @Luis, much appreciated!

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