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Catherine_BernierCatherine_Bernier Posts: 134 Crew
edited April 2016 in Integration
This is a question that some of our clients are asking us, so here is how you can install your Robotiq 2 finger gripper on the Kuka IIWA media flange.

To install the 2F-85/140 on the Kuka media flange, you need the AGC-CPL-062-002 coupling with all the accessories.

Ethercat is definitely the way to go with the IIWA, as, once the gripper wiring is sorted, you can just use the X65 EtherCAT port on the Sunrise cabinet to connect to the Robotiq controller, configure the inputs/outputs in WorkVisual, and be good to go in Sunrise OS.

Here is a schematic for how we've wired up the gripper using the in-arm routed cabling.

We actually use ports X34 and X35 on the media flange for the power and 485 +/- signals, since this allows us to use the X76 connection at the base of the IIWA arm, which is for external power/data connections.

X651 is directly connected to the robot controller's X650 port and allows for powering and communicating with EtherCAT devices at the media flange.

Since the gripper itself communicates with RS485, we only need to use the shielded pair for the serial comm. If the gripper natively understood EtherCAT, we could just use the media flange ports connected to X651.

Hope this helps.

Catherine Bernier, Jr. Eng. 


  • YJWYJW Posts: 3 Apprentice
    Hi Catherine,
    Many thanks for this answer.
    Sorry if this is a silly question as I am new to KUKA iiwa and Robotiq gripper. 
    I wonder if you would know what would be the communication for the I/O Pneumatic Media flange?
    And I do not have a X76 at the base. If this is the case, it would be essential to connect through X65, right?
  • hkourtevhkourtev Posts: 1 Recruit
    Hi I am at Rutgers University and trying to do the same. I do have an X76 port but I cannot figure out what this type of connector is called in order to order it. I have contacted Kuka but they still haven't gotten back to me. I just need the name of the connector so I can order it from Digikey, Mouser or somewhere else. Thanks in advance!
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