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StudentStudent Posts: 21 Apprentice
Hi again.

In my application I have the main program and I call different subprograms. The problem is that I have more subprograms inside the subprograms I call in the main. But I can't, it is not possible in the UR10. 

My question is if there are a solution to this problem. Is there a way to call the subprogram using a script instead of the instruction "Calll..." to use the subprograms inside the subprograms? Because I am using maaany subprograms and I need to fin a solution to handle all of them...


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  • StudentStudent Posts: 21 Apprentice
    Thank you very much you two. I will try that solution matthewd92.

    How can I hide all the folders in the tree, @BeachChE? I can hide the code inside a folder but I still seeing the name of the folder in the tree.

  • BeachChEBeachChE Founding Pro Posts: 19 Handy
    You can't hide the folders in tree.
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