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@David_Gariepy I found this description online ( and I think that this is approximately the solution you are suggesting. I was wondering do I have to create 1 reference plane with “fixed” waypoints and than another 2nd plane where I reteach the 3 plane points (for other product positions) so that the waypoints change accordingly to the plane refernce?

I was also wondering how time consuming is it to reteach this plane feature (approx.)? Because the cleaning of some parts can take up to 80 minutes, so for example when this reteaching takes me 5 minutes I still achieve 75 minutes profit.

I totally agree with your second remark, the precision is relative to these 3 points and I should explore if this a problem for the process. I also will look into custom fixtures.

@matthewd92 Unfortunately all holes have a different size, otherwise vision would be a good solution.