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cmorisoncmorison Posts: 4 Apprentice
edited March 2017 in Programming
I have ported some of the code from the "FT-150_dev_package_SDP-1.0.1.rar" files in order to send the "jam signal" (stop data stream), get firmware version, get serial number, get production year, start data stream, and receive data stream over the serial port (RS-485/USB) connection to the FT 300.

But, I noticed "robotiq_ft_sensor_demo.exe" example application also provides for running calibration over the serial port (RS-485/USB) connection, but I can't find any code for this anywhere (I assume there are some FC03/FC16 registers that are affected in order to perform calibration).

Is there example code or a description of what has to be done to perform calibration via the serial port (RS-485/USB) connection?


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