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mhowemhowe Posts: 28Partner Apprentice
I have an application where I have to pick up wires that are very skinny and long with a UR and load them into a machine. Now I cant talk to much about it but I was curious to see others had an suggestions on how to present these wires in the same spot everytime so we can easily pick them up and have an easy time loading.


  • louis_bergeronlouis_bergeron Posts: 31 Handy

    Can you give us some details?  long is very relative... could they be placed on stacked trays then having a robot with 2 grippers, one on each end for grabbing them?  Do you have a great variety of model, length? 
  • mhowemhowe Posts: 28Partner Apprentice
    The struggle is I cant go to much in detail. They are all the same length extremely skinny (same size as a paper clip) and flimsy. We were thinking about using two grippers but we need a reliable way to present them in the same spot every time.Our loading window is very small.
  • louis_bergeronlouis_bergeron Posts: 31 Handy
    If they are all the same size.  Could they be placed on jigs fixed on a small conveyor, a chain or turning table?  It will be easier to position the jig precisely than the parts.
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