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sjhassan14sjhassan14 Posts: 5 Apprentice

I am facing one problem in making my way-points relative. actually I am using UR10 for pick and place object.
so I set one Fixed waypoint = Parking  and according to that i make the next relative waypoint.
same i did with the Picking place fixed and make waypoint relative to Picking place. so that if i move any fixed waypoint (parking or picking place) so all other relative points changes accordingly.
The problem is that in between two relative waypoint (parking relative last waypoint ) and (picking place first relative waypoint) the robot didnot jump but move some other direction.
Please see the following picture for better understanding.

What function i use so the  robot jump between two relative waypoint?


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  • sjhassan14sjhassan14 Posts: 5 Apprentice
    Answer ✓
    thanks for your ides


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