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SteveBoulaySteveBoulay Posts: 3 Apprentice


I have created I robot program with movej and I would like to reuse that program with a different robot coordinate system orientation. I mean, the robot base bolt pattern will be rotated by 30 deg around the Z axis.

Is it possible to use the mounting robot tab and change the robot by 30 deg and apply this new position to the existing program?

Any suggestion?



  • EnricEnric Founding Pro, Partner, Beta Tester Multi Gripper, Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 113 Handy
    Hi @SteveBoulay

    You should compensate the 30 degrees of mounting with the 30 degrees of joint base at each waypoints. It is posible add or substract this value inside menu "Edit pose".

    I hope this helps
    Enric Vila Avila
    Vicosystems S.L.L.
    Industrial Collaborative Systems

    [email protected]
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