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@wileydavis are you using the check continuously feature on the if statement for the force?  

The reason I ask this is generally I will have something like this

pocket_empty = False
if force()<60. # with the check box checked
  pocket_empty = True
# This is the end of the "while" loop if statement
if pocket_empty = True
  empty_pockets = empty_pockets+1
 If empty_pockets≟10
  Gripper Open

The reason I break out the rest of the moves beyond the actual probe move is I only want to exit that portion of the if statement once I find something is so that I know for certain if that flag is raised or lowered so that I can take action on it and guarantee that the action will take place.  If you have the check box checked on the if statement, as soon as that condition is no longer met the if statement exits, which is the behavior that we want.  If you do not have the checkbox checked then you are basically entering the statement if the condition is met but then the only thing that causes it to exit is the completion of the block, not the changing of the condition.

Also, I have seen this same issue, the built in force sensing is not the most robust feature probably due to how its implemented.  We wind up using forces around 100 to 120 for a lot of probing tasks, I will generally start high and then work my way down to where I find a good balance between probing effectiveness and not pushing too hard on what we are looking for.