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There is not decent alternative the the Robot Operating System eco-system anywhere else, whatever the operating system.
The set of tools provided in ROS is gigantic, visualization, complex path planning, management of every sensor you can imagine etc...
It's modularity makes it the perfect tool for advanced robotics.

If you are not allergic to ROS, here are some "alternatives":


ROS2 is a developpment sandbox for the new ROS stack; it is actively developed and not in a stable stage yet but the important fact is that it is multiplatfrom, you can use it on Windows!

Windows Bash + ROS

Windows 10 allows to install the "Ubuntu Bash" feature which allows you to install ROS on Windows; you can install the latest release (Kinetic) and get updates through the PPA.

I have not actively tested this but it is very easy to set-up:

ROS on Linux + Robot Web Tools > Windows

If you are allowed to run a Linux on a machine running ROS you could use Robot Web Tools to create a nice web application for you robotic application:

I have not used these tools much but they are very promising because it allows your application to be run on any platform able to run a decent web browser. For visualization (real-time), the requirement is WebGL.

ROS + Cygwin

A last alternative is to use the custom ROS build for Windows that comes with Cygwin. The build is quite old now and I would not recommend this option as you will probably never get updates.