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@kawhitt so I was doing a little playing around with the simulator and there is an event logged in the robot logs when the safety settings are changed as the checksum changes.  So it might be possible to listen to port 30001 for event type ROBOT_MESSAGE_TEXT which is messageType=20, robotMessageType=0 and then look for the message to contain "Safety Checksum Changed". You can see in the screen shot below what it looks like in the logs


Now, I don't know how you could read what the changes were but you would know if a change was made.  Also, its possible to lock all of this out from your operators several ways.  One is just password protecting the safety screen as well as the ability to get to the program screen, these could be separate passwords so your programmers can still get to the program to make changes but only safety authorized users can get to the actual safety settings to change them.

You can also remotely change the user level and therefore not even expose to the user the ability to get to the program screen regardless if they know the password, this is from the support documentation for the dashboard server which is port 29999 and accepts simple commands via TCP/IP protocol


Hope this helps answer the question