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RobocaseRobocase Posts: 4 Apprentice
We have been picking up items off the surface of a table using vision perform procedure then use the pallet function to fill a box.
Now we would like to pick items from inside a box move perform procedure then place into a different box.
Each layer of items in the box are covered with foam so the destack function will not work as the items cannot touch each other.
I searched and did not find other ways to use the pallet procedure in reverse - any ideas?
Roger @ Sennheiser


  • RobocaseRobocase Posts: 4 Apprentice
    After more study we think this can be done using the square wizard and stepping down through the layers, however unloading a pallet would be desirable with our UR5.
    Roger @ Sennheiser
  • Tyler_BerrymanTyler_Berryman Posts: 122 Handy
    @Robocase If I understand correctly, you have a box filled with multiple layers of parts and each layer is separated by a layer of foam? 

    You could use the pallet wizard and select the "Box" option in the pattern section of the wizard. This option will give you 8 corner positions to define your box. This will allow you to create a 3D pallet with multiple levels. You can also increment a variable every time the pallet sequence is executed to keep track of how many parts have been removed from the box. 

    For example, if you have 3 levels of 4 parts, you could have the robot remove the foam pad once the counter is equal to 4 and 8 and 12. This means that the robot will be able to pick the parts on the 2nd and 3rd levels.

    Let me know if this answers your question!

    Tyler Berryman
    Robotiq Integration Coach
    [email protected]
    1-418-380-2788, option 3
  • RobocaseRobocase Posts: 4 Apprentice
    Thanks! We will try that after we 3D print to separate the parts instead of foam and we can use the same idea to remove the individual trays on each of the levels.
    Roger @ Sennheiser
  • wileydaviswileydavis Posts: 11 Apprentice
    If you define your pallet box upside down it will start at the top and move down. So corners 1-4 are the top corners and 5-8 are the bottom corners.
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