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Axiol said:
Have any of you moved forward with any linear slide projects?  I am quoting on a job and would like to use a slide to access part pick and drop off.  I like the simpler idea of moving it to pre programmed positions.  Looking for 1 meter in length.

Did you checked IAI? We have several running with all sizes of UR robots. Easy to setup and very reliable. In the photo we have a 1.4m effective stroke unit.


Hey all,

I understand this is an old thread (1 year!) but I just thought it'd be useful to show you what we've done so far at
Vention to allow for easy commissioning of a 7th axis for any UR model.

You may have read it from Universal Robots at Fabtech this year, but we launched an easy-to-use Vention URCap to set your 7th axis position as you program your robot, directly from the teach pendant - i.e., no need for extra hardware.

Hardware wise, we've created a basic configuration with the help of our motion partner, Thomson Linear, as well as some of our own timing belt actuators. Keep in mind that you can easily ask to change the lengths, width or even orientation of the axis via our online CAD & application engineering team. The original design can be seen here, pricing includes everything (all the hardware + URCap).


I'd actually be curious to know what you guys think?

Let me know! 


@matthewd92 the price you see includes everything except for shipping: all of the hardware, motor, controller, etc. You can always enter any address (we ship global) directly from the website to see shipping options and pricing. Please note it can also be programmed using URScript commands for free.

The length of the design I sent earlier is 1530mm (60in) but can easily be adjusted.

Overhead mounts use the same motion components, but we adjust the structure based on the available supports at the ceiling.


maxlavigueur - reviving this thread. Last time I spoke to someone at Vention you were working on getting the 7th axis to do coordinated movements - any update on that?

Has anyone here found a solution for a 7th axis that does coordinated movements?