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So I had a little spare time today so I sat down and started working on a nodejs library for controlling the 2F-85 gripper.  You can find the source code at Its very limited in scope currently as I just started knocking out some code this afternoon but you can activate the gripper and then open and close it.  If you're familiar with node you can run a simple script that I wrote called gripper.js in the /lib folder and it will control the gripper through an close and open cycle.  I will hopefully be doing some more work on this over the next few days.

Hopefully it will give you guys some ideas on how to control the gripper using other languages as well.

Also just as a note, I do not warranty the code to be free from errors or bugs so use at your own risk....had to throw that out there you know

If anyone wants to work on this code as well let me know and I can add you as a contributor


@cgilmer I always use spaces.