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SebastienSebastien Posts: 219 Handy
Hi pros,
some projects that we are looking at contain several working zones. The robot just waits for a input signal from an operator before it starts working in a certain zone. So in the program there would be a loop that would monitor various DIN signal rise (when input is switching from low to high for a short period of time). Then when it sees a DIN rise (usually monitoring 2 to 4 DIN corresponding to 2-4 different zones) the robot know what is next to produce. However the thing is that the robot might be working in a certain zone while an operator pushes the button in a different zone. So far the way we did this is by having a thread which monitor the DIN. If a certain DIN switches from low to high between two different loop of the thread, we tell the robot that a button has been pressed. I was curious to know how you did this?


  • matthewd92matthewd92 Founding Pro, Tactile Sensor Beta Testers Posts: 1,264 Handy
    @Sebastien we are currently running a cell with 3 machines that all finish at different times so we are constantly monitoring in a background thread the rising edge of the completion sensor, one thread per machine as we are also controlling the machines in these threads.  As soon as we see that the machines are complete we then raise a ready flag for that machine.  Then at the top of the program its looking to determine which machine is complete, there is a priority to this as two of the machines feed the third machine and so we have to empty the third machine first before we can process the parts off of the other two machines.  When we remove the part from a machine, we lower the ready flag so that we know that machine now needs a new part placed on and the cycle started again.
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