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lakshmip001lakshmip001 Posts: 41Partner Apprentice
edited January 2017 in Applications
We are programming universal robot to do powder coating inside the box. But the thing is during angle change the robot hits the surface though we gave movej inside movel with respect to the plane. And to maintain the cycle time we making Robot move little fast but they need a less cycle time and good coating. And for the human operator of powder coating feels it is too fast. Right now we are making zigzag motion. Can you please suggest how to prevent hitting and less cycle time.


  • Tim_SmithTim_Smith Posts: 38 Apprentice
    @lakshmip001 A MoveJ will calculate the movement using the joint space of the robot, this will disregard the path of the tool between two waypoints. This might result in collisions between the robot and the box. I don't think putting a MoveJ inside a MoveL will change the nature of the robot's trajectory. Try using a MoveL with a blend radius between the waypoints to improve the cycle time.
  • lakshmip001lakshmip001 Posts: 41Partner Apprentice
    ok thanks a lot.
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