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Hi Pros,

Here is a support question we got from a customer that might be of interest to you! We were asked if the Robotiq camera could work in an angled work plane. This client is working on an application with bottles inside a carton box, which are inclined and picked up by a suction cup with the Robotiq camera. The bottles are not in a fixed array inside the box and that is why they would like to use the camera to identify the bottles to be picked up.

In fact, you can use a work plane that has any orientation. You will need to position the calibration board flat on that plane in order to have a good part detection. You will also need to have a snapshot position that allows the robot arm to perform the calibration. However, for this case, since the bottles are higher than what we recommend, you can use a workaround. Start by saving the snapshot position and calibrate with the calibration board at the height of the bottles (on top of the bottles). To teach the object, add a flat background on top of the bottles. You can then cut the bottom of one bottle (pretty thin) and teach this as the object or use a colored piece of paper representing it. The vision system will look for the bottom of a bottle, thus finding the bottle.
Annick Mottard
Product Expert
[email protected] 


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