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Hi pros,
here are some demo programs that we used last week at our seminar. The concept of the demos is to start from a very simple program and add layers to it. 
Attached are the robot programs and here is a description of each programs:
Demo1.urp: This is a simple pick and place program. Robot picking an object at position A and placing the object at position B.
Demo2.urp: We used the same pick and place positions as in demo1. However we added a CNC position in between and we added the CNC loading sequence. In the before start section of the program there is a loading of the first part into the CNC. Then to simulate the end of the CNC program we have a popup saying that the CNC is done. Then the robot unloads CNC, drop part to position B and loads a new one in the CNC. Then it sends the CNC a signal saying that it has been loaded (again simulated with a popup).
Demo3.urp: Again this is the same demo as Demo2 but instead of picking from a fixed position A, we are using vision to locate the part, then we pick it and go back to the same sequence as Demo2. Note that in the video below we exchanged positionA and the CNC position simply because we had limited space during the demo in the seminar's conference room. Note that we have a loop with a variable that allow us to take snapshots as long as a part has not been located by the camera.

 Loop obj_found≟ False

 Camera Locate


           obj_found≔ True 



           Gripper Close


     obj_found≔ False 

Demo4c.urp: This demo is again Demo3 with a pallet sequence at the dropping position. 

Hopefully that helps partners prepare for seminars! If anyone else has other demos to share it would be nice @Fanny_Borgeat

Here is the video of the demos!