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You will need to use a 3rd party translation software such as
RobotMaster to read the G-Code into the robot to create robot motion at least with UR.  Somehow you have to translate the G-Code such as G1 or G0 into what you want the robot to do such as movel, movej or movep

Here's some info from their website...

Convert CAD/CAM Data to 6-axis Robot Output

Use the graphical interface to fine-tune the parameters by which Robotmaster will translate the 2 to 5 axis CNC toolpath data into a 6-axis robot toolpath.

  • Set robot configuration for optimal robot posture
  • Manage motion between operations

Convert CAD/CAM toolpaths to robot positions


@Sebastien  I have a example that I want to convert for robot language. Look, please !!