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@Catherine_Bernier Yeah I saw the specifications of camera. So I tried experimenting with the camera at different heights and with black circle on paper with various daimeter varying from 3cm, 2cm and 1cm. But it was able to detect only 3cm diameter circle. From the application given above I understood that there should be object which covers 10% FOV and then only it is able to detect 6mm circle. Is my conclusion correct. If not please advise me.



@lakshmip001 There is not enough contrast between a black object and a white background. Here is a post that explains why : Essentially, white and black are different intensities of the same color. 

However, I did try teaching a black circle on a white piece of paper and it worked fine. Here is the setup that I used:
The camera is about 16cm above the object. Here is the detection score that I obtained with this snapshot position.
And here is the size of the black circle that I drew on the white piece of paper :
As you can see the black dot is about 7mm in diameter. 

The position according to the base is:
X = 347.04mm
Y = -309.92mm
Z = -4.70mm
Rx = 0.0242
Ry = -5.3594mm
Rz = 0.0173

Try this and let me know if it works!


Thanks Tyler_Berryman  for the help. It is really useful. But I was unable to teach object using white paper with black circle. But I taught the the circle of 7mm using yellow background with blue circle. I could use the same to detect the b


@lakshmip001, you might need to set your detection threshold a tad higher to prevent false detection. At 40%, the system can detect your object even if it not there. Look at the score you get when a false detection occurs during object testing and set your threshold level higher than this score.


Hi David_Levasseur ,The object I need to detect is little reflective and thin sheet and I need to detect one object from four objects on the background. So for detection of one object from the four and then one from three, then one from two. It needs a threshold of 40%. And vague object detection is taking place at a detection threshold of 42%. I tried by increasing threshold. If I increase detection threshold, object is not detected when four are placed at a time.

Kindly please provide some suggestion.

Thanking you in advance.

Warm Regards,
Lakshmi Prasanna