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Sebastien, one of the things you have to be aware of is the the units between the camera and UR are different. Camera will be in meters for X, Y, and Z and the UR is in mm. Also the rotation angle is in degrees in the camera and Rads in the UR. I run the camera loop in a thread so that it finds the part and holds the coordinates until they are asked for.  I use this thread on 3 Cognex cameras now and will be adding a 4th. Here is my thread.

     'Camera 1  Program Start'
     If Thread_1≟1
       Set Camera_1_Trig=Off
       Socket_Test_1≔ False 
       Wait: 0.3
         Loop Socket_Test_1≟ False 
           Wait: 1.0
         Set Camera_1_Trig=On
         Wait: 0.2
         Set Camera_1_Trig=Off
         Wait: 0.2
         If Socket_Test_1≟ True 
           Wait: 0.2
           Set Pic_Cntr=Pic_Cntr+1
         Wait: 0.2
         If Result_1[0]≟3
           Socket_Test_1≔ False 

The Pic_Cntr is a variable I use to prevent the camera and robot from sitting there and trying to find a part forever. If it goes above 20 tries, I trigger a popup and lights on an andon stack.

I hope this helps.