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This is a good question since I had to double verify as it looked obvious.

So, yes, you can mount the UR robots on the ceiling and even on the wall. Here is what UR is saying:

Here the mounting of the robot arm can be specified.

This serves two purposes:
1. Making the robot arm look right on the screen.
2. Telling the controller about the direction of gravity.
The controller uses an advanced dynamics model to give the robot arm smooth and precise motions, and to make the robot arm hold itself when in Freedrive mode. For this reason, it is very important that the mounting of the robot arm be set correctly.

WARNING: Failure to set robot arm’s mounting correctly might result in frequent protective stops, and/or a possibility that the robot arm will move when the freedrive button is pressed.

The default is that the robot arm is mounted on a flat table or floor, in which case no change is needed on this screen. However, if the robot arm is ceiling mounted, wall mounted or mounted at an angle, this needs to be adjusted using the push-buttons. The buttons on the right side of the screen are for setting the angle of the robot arm’s mounting. The three top right side buttons set the angle to ceiling (180◦ ), wall (90◦ ), floor (0◦ ). The Tilt buttons can be used to set an arbitrary angle. The buttons on the lower part of the screen are used to rotate the mounting of the robot arm to match the actual mounting.

Did you face any challenges by mounting the robot in different directions?