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SebastienSebastien Posts: 219 Handy
Hi Pros,
we recently did some proof of concept for a client who is making wood cabinets of different sizes. They were looking for painters to paint the panels and are having issues trying to recruite painters. The paint they are using is water based paint that does not require explosion proof rating so the UR fits their need. The main challenge they are facing is that the board come in different rectangular sizes. So in the proof of concept video, the operator enters the length and width of the board and the robot calculates the painting trajectories based on that. In our case, this is simple straight line calculations as the board is always square or rectangular. I have attached also our UR program if you guys want to try it. I used operator variables for the length and width. Then use POSE_ADD function to do the calculations. Then the points are simply VARIABLE POINTS that come from the calculations. Pretty straight forward. There are some nice features that could be added to the program such as:
-Limit on values the operator can add
-Having more than 2 paint passes possible in case parts are wider


If any pros use the program and upgrade it, it would be nice to post it here so we can improve this demo for all of us!


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