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sethgsethg Partner Posts: 3 Apprentice

I was wondering if anyone could help me connect a Universal Robot to a 3rd party motor controller. The controller receives ASCII commands over RS-485. I have a USB to RS-485 converter from my Robotiq Gripper kit, but is there any way to use this to transmit ASCII commands to the motor? 

In an ideal world, i would create a UR CAP for RS-485 transmission - i could insert the line and enter the text that i wanted to transmit (After configuring relevant settings of course).

Has anyone does something like this that i could use as an example?



  • SebastienSebastien Posts: 219 Handy
    @sethg I would start from the Robotiq Gripper manual and the legacy software driver that can be downloaded on their support website. I bet you can figure how this is done by looking at the gripper's manual and also the sample programs/scripts in the legacy UR software package. It would be nice to post which motor controller you are looking at!
  • sethgsethg Partner Posts: 3 Apprentice
    Thanks Sebastien,

    I'll take a look there and see what i can figure out. We were  looking to do it with a Schneider Electric Lexium MDrive to start with, but i have several other drives with RS-232 communication that i could see using it with if we were able to get something working.

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