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@UR_USA  Thank you for your response.
Let me put my question a little more in detail.

I currently have a Universal robot and a conveyor belt as a part of my project. The task of the robot is to pick a certain workpiece and place it on the conveyor belt. The home position of the robot (which is also my 1st waypoint and is pretty away from the base) is around 40-50cm diagonally away from the conveyor belt. My 2nd waypoint is 30cm straight above the conveyor belt. My 3rd waypoint is few centimeters straight above the conveyor belt. I have built a safety plane say around 10-15cm above the conveyor belt. The waypoints are such that my 2nd waypoint is above the safety plane and my 3rd waypoint is below the safety plane. The safety plane is set to 'Trigger reduced speed'. My normal speed value is 500 and reduced speed is 250. So my robot starts from waypoint 1, goes to waypoint 2 and then drops the workpiece after reaching waypoint 3. The safety plane is constructed between waypoint 2 and waypoint 3 (so as to make sure the robot drops the piece carefully!). But the problem is, my robot gives me a protective stop as soon as it touches my safety plane and seizes to enter further (which should not happen in the 'Trigger reduced mode'). I thought that the speed values (keeping in mind the speed change and jerk problems) could pose a problem and so I tried with the same speed values in the normal and reduced mode (just to test whether my robot at least enters the safety plane). Unfortunately, the robot did not enter the safety plane and stopped as soon as the gripper touched the safety plane. Whereas, a safety plane with 'Trigger reduced mode' constructed elsewhere in the same project works absolutely fine. Why is the Universal robot behaving this way with the safety plane, just close to the home position? 
If safety planes feature cannot solve my need of dropping the workpiece slowly on the conveyor, what other things can I possibly do to achieve the same aim? Any suggestions/ideas/inputs would be highly appreciated.

1. I tried to play around by changing the speed and distance values as per the basic formula of speed but none worked on the robot and it seized to enter the safety plane near the conveyor belt. 
2. Just to assure you all, none of my robot joints enter the safety plane. It is just the gripper and the workpiece that enters the safety plane near the conveyor belt. 
3. My robot works absolutely fine and performs all the tasks as required near the conveyor belt if I disable the safety plane on the conveyor (Just that it drops my workpiece little harshly).