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@Sebastien I have used a DVI to DVI and HDMI splitter to project the pendant onto a screen, while still being able to use the pendant as normal.  The display is just over DVI, and the touch function and probably some other functionality is through the VGA cable.

I have never tested taking the pendant screen (besides just display) to another device.  You could try just taking the cables to a different screen directly from the motherboard, but I have a feeling it may not work because the safety system communicates with the pendant.  It may be that you can only split the display for projection purposes
Hi Mr. Grady, 
i have used a DVI male to 2 DVI female splitter then connected 1 side to teach pendent and the other to a VGA monitor via DVI to VGA connnector.
NO video on the external monitor and on the TP when both TP and the monitor is connected to the splitter,
NO video on the external monitor, when only monitor is connected to the splitter
YES video on teach pendent when TP, when TP alone is connected to the splitter

please suggest a solution to connect with the external monitor, also suggest a compatible splitter
i am using the splitter found in the below link


@Stefan_Stubgaard I am referring to the safety system fault "loss of communication with teach pendant."   Which cable going to the pendant is the one necessary for the safety system?
We're having the same problem. But we do want to disconnect the screen fully. Where can we turn of the need for the teach pendant in the software? Because we are using the robot on a small AGV where there is no space for the teach pendant. And especially the large cable.

Thanks in advance!