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I just worked on a proof of concept for a client and I thought I would share this with the community. The client requested a part to be located on a flat surface using vision, picked and then moved above a bin. The part would then have to move across a laser scanner where a barcode located under the part would be read. There is a PC logging all the different parts serial number located in the different bins. Of course we suggested the client to have only one barcode scanner and have the robot send a message to the PC to tell which box it was dropped in afterwards. However the client was already set up this way to prevent human operator error between the scan and drop in the box procedure. In the attached scan_and_box.urp program, I used the pallet option in the UR to ease the programming of the scan and drop above the boxes. To program the scan motion above the scanner (above the box in the video), I used the path recording option with the FT300. This was really easy to do. I just made sure that I check the relative path option once my path is recorded and that the path starts from the anchor point, which is the point offsetted by the pallet tool in the UR. And that's it.

Anyone doing something similar with Path Recording under the Pallet option in UR?


   Robot Program
     Camera Locate
         Gripper Close
       Pattern: Line
         Gripper Move 51%
         Gripper Open