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@NicoHanstein I have seen people working on this kind of application before and the first issue you may want to look at is the variation of the force signal caused by the spindle rotation. 2N measurement is quite low and I am wondering how the signal fluctuates when you turn on the spindle. The best way to do this is to unplug the sensor for the Universal Robot controller and plug it in to the a PC. You can then use the FT150/300 sensor demo package (on our Robotiq Support Website) on your computer to graphically show force data on the PC. You can then get a screen recording device to save these in video format. The tests that you can do would be to have the robot just stand there and just start the spindle. In this case the spindle won't be loaded with any external forces so you will see the impact of only the spindle rotation on the signal. Then you can run your path and check the force graph data to see how the signal varies. Don't forget to record the path before unplugging the sensor from the UR!!! 

I would be curious to see how the signal fluctuates and if we can get a 2N accuracy without too much disturbances caused by spindle rotation!