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This How-To explains how to install, configure and program a Robotiq 2­ Finger Gripper using DeviceNet on an ABB robot. This example is based on an IRB 120 robot (IRC5 controller) but the process is similar for other models. This Information is valid for the 2 ­Finger Gripper. 

Gripper Installation:

Here is the Part 1 of this post. It explains how to install mechanically the gripper on the ABB robot and how to connect the power and communication cables.

Configuration of the Robot Controller:

In this section, the steps to configure the DeviceNet network to accommodate the Robotiq Gripper's factory settings are explained. If the network configuration (baud rate) cannot be changed due to the use of other devices, it is possible to modify the configuration of the Gripper via the Robotiq User Interface.

Using the IRC5 teach pendant, follow these steps:

  1. Select the “Control Panel" menu:

  2. Select the “Configuration” menu:


  3. Select the “Topics” menu and the “I/O” submenu:


  4. Select the “Bus” menu:


  5. Select the DeviceNet menu corresponding to the card used to communicate with the Gripper (e.g. “DeviceNet1”).


  6. Configure the DeviceNet bus using the same baud rate as the Gripper (the default value is 250 kbps):


When the DeviceNet bus is properly configured, the green LED on the Universal Controller should start blinking (or light up continuously if a connection is already established).

Add the Unit Type to the list:

The required steps to configure Robotiq's Gripper unit type are:

  1. Go to the “Topic: I/O” menu, select “Unit Type”:

  2. Select “Add “and Create a new Unit Type either manually or by using the DeviceNet EDS file available on the Robotiq support website:


    3. The unit type definition should be similar to the following screenshot:


Activation of the connection to the Gripper:

The required steps to activate the connection with the Gripper are:

  1. Go to the “Topic: I/O” menu, select “Unit”:

   2. Click “add” to create a new Unit:


   3.  Select the Unit type defined previously and the DeviceNet card on which the Gripper is connected. Enter the Gripper's DeviceNet Address (the default value is            11 but it can be modified using the
Robotiq User Interface).

   4.  Note that the “Unit Trustlevel” parameters need to be adjusted to suit the application in which the Gripper is to be used.


    5.  Restart the controller by performing a “warm-reboot”.

When the connection is properly configured, the blue LED of the Gripper will light up continuously, as the green LED on the controller. 

Mapping the Gripper I/O:

The required steps to map the IO of the Gripper are:

  1. Go to the “Topic: I/O” menu, select “Signal”:

    2.  Define a name for each input and output variable by clicking on “add”:


   3.  Each boolean variable can be defined as a “Digital Input /Output ” (a dionum variable in ABB):


   4.  Each “multi-bits” variable can be defined as a “Group Input/ Output”:


   5.  For the 2-Finger Gripper, the robot output/input variables can be defined as follow:


   6.  Restart the controller by performing a “warm-reboot”.

The meaning of each variable is described in the Control Section of the Robotiq User Manual.

Hope this helps!

Does anyone have integrated and configure a Robotiq 2 Finger Gripper on an ABB robot? How did it go?