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This How-To goes through the installation and configuration procedures of Robotiq's 2-Finger Gripper using DeviceNet communication protocol on an ABB robot. This example is based on an IRB 120 robot (IRC5 controller), but the process is similar for other models. This information is valid for the 2-Finger Gripper. 

Robotiq's 2-Finger Gripper communicates with Modbus RTU protocol (see the wiring setup in the manual). In order to control the Gripper with ABB's robot controller, the Gripper's signal needs to be converted into DeviceNet. This is the reason why a Robotiq's Universal Controller with DeviceNet protocol is needed. It acts as a gateway between the 2-Finger gripper's Modbus RTU protocol and the DeviceNet protocol. 

What you’ll need: 

  • ­2­-Finger Gripper­ : AGC­-GRP-002*  ­
  • Coupling for ABB IRB 120 ­: AGC­-CPL­-063­-002*
  • Device Cable ­: COM­-CBL­-2067-­10 
  • Universal Controller : UNI­-CTR-­001-­DNET  ­
*All mounting screws are provided.

Mechanical Installation:

Robotiq provides a coupling to mount the Gripper on the robot arm. In this case, for the ABB IRB 120, the coupling AGC­-CPL­-063­-002 is required. 
The required steps to mount the Gripper on the robot are:  
  1. Screw the coupling to the robot wrist, use of threadlocker is recommended. Align with the provided dowel pin.  
  2. Screw the Gripper onto its coupling using provided screws and lock washers. 
  3. Connect the device cable (CBL-COM-2067-10) into the gripper's pigtail. 
  4. Secure the cable along the robot arm. Leave enough excess cable to allow full robot movement.
For more information, please refer to the mechanical connections section of the instruction manual. 

Wiring :

Connect the device cable into the ROBOTIQ Device connector of the Universal Controller. Both power and communication run through the device cable (CBL-COM-2067-10), which already has the proper connector to go with Robotiq's Universal Controller.

Connect the Universal Controller to ABB's controller using the front DeviceNet connector. The pinout for the Universal Controller DeviceNet connector is shown in the figure below : 


At this step, you need to connect the power supply to the Universal Controller. Here is how to proceed : 


If no emergency stop is used or configured, a jumper has to be installed between pins 4 and 5. 

For more details, see this section in the manual.

See Part 2 on How to Configure the Robot Controller Here.