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That's funny. I was just looking at this system this morning and referred their
video to a client. I did work on some vibration feeder in the past were we actually designed the entire system. So basically buying a vibration motor on Mcmaster Carr and designing the whole thing. Turns out that we spent quite a lot of time just figuring out the proper vibration parameters, weight balance and feeder design to make good part separation on the table. I took a look at the Graco G-FLEX manual and you have a lot of parameters to play with. Which is good because you need this to adjust to the different parts that you want to process. I have not worked with this systems but it looks good based on what I am expecting from such a system. It would be a great combination with UR and Robotiq camera! If someone is able to try it out it would be nice to have feedback and videos here!


@lakshmip001 if you do not have any large demands on a quick cycle time I don't see why you couldn't.  However, you will not be able to control the feeder from the background.  I think you would have to wait until you just can't find anything to pick then turn on the feeder to try to find something.  After so many parts picked you will need to turn on a hopper if you're using one to refill the parts on the table.  

This is how we are doing it currently.  In a background thread we are looping through looking for a part on the table. The loop is check to see if there is an acceptable part, if not, turn on the table for 200 milliseconds, turn it off and wait 500 milliseconds and check again, repeat until we find a part, if we can't find a part after a certain number of cycles we will turn on the hopper and dump more parts.  We then go through the loop process again.  After 15 parts are picked off the table, we turn on the hopper and attempt to dump more parts.  The reason I say attempt is sometimes there is a "log jam" of parts in the hopper. We will be changing the camera code in about two weeks to also return the number of parts it can find in the image.  If the number of parts drops below a threshold then we will turn on the hopper to get more parts.  This should allow us to compensate for the log jams we are seeing.  I cannot imagine trying to run this vibratory feeder with a robot mounted camera and achieve any quick cycle times.  Even currently, we will have times where we are waiting for 10-20 seconds for an acceptable part to be presented to the system which is why we are making some code changes to try to speed up that process.


matthewd92 So, It means I can use Asrily feeder with the Robotiq Wrist Camera. But Asrily feeder vibration can only be obtained when object is not detected and the other features of Camera cannot be controlled. And as the Robotiq camera takes minimum 10-20 secs to detect an object process is slow. And Robotiq camera can detect only one object per cycle.
 As shown in the video can Robot pick randomly placed screws on the flat surface??
So, UR camera can work this feeder. Am I right with the conclusion.

Thanking you in advance.


mertzga said:
What is the largest part dimensions the Graco feeder can process?
From their specifications the largest part is a 3"x3"x1.5" with a maximum of 30 pounds on the table