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SweiskittelSweiskittel Posts: 4 Apprentice

I have a project with a UR3e and two UR10es. I would like to tie all three e-stop systems together. Per section 3.3 of the support article, “If more than two UR robots or other machines need to be connected, a safety controller is needed for the multiple emergency stop signals.”

Would a controller like this work? It looks like I could have 3 input pairs that each monitor a robot’s System Emergency Stop output pair and split the OSSD output pair between the robots’ Emergency Stop monitoring inputs.

Also, I believe that I could wire up 3 safety relays in series, similar to these, but this will take up a decent amount of room. I would have each robot’s System Emergency Stop output pair wired to one of the controllers, +24v wired to the first relays input pair, then daisy-chain the second and thirds input/output pairs, finally splitting the last output pair to all 3 robots.


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